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Paintball for kids / Adults. Since 8 years old

CONTACT AND BOOKING. Paintball Estepona (Málaga)
  • Telephone number: +34 616 080 221
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  • Address: Camino de Puerto Romano. Finca Los Limoneros SN. Río Padrón / Estepona / Málaga
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  • Timetable: Open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9.00am to 14.00pm and from 17.00pm  to 21.00pm  (Last time to arrive 20.00pm). Monday and Tuesday open only with bookings for more than 10 people.
  • Paintball Estepona is located in Estepona (Málaga). 20 minutes by car from Puerto Banús (Marbella) and 1 hour from Málaga.
  • Clients over 14 years old must bring their ID or passport to paintball in our facilities. Children under 18 must bring an authorization from their parents. 
  • How to arrive to P. Estepona: http://www.paintballestepona.com/contacto-2/



Thanks to more than eleven years of experience in this sector, in Paintball Estepona we organize the best paintball games for those who want to live an exciting and adrenaline-filled experience on the Costa del Sol.
The activity usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours and does not require a minimum number of people to play. Children of 8 years and older can participate. It is an ideal activity for families, groups of friends, birthday celebrations, bachelor parties and company events. People under 18 years old must bring an parental authorization for take part in the activity.
Paintball is a sport that encourages interaction between people of different ages; cooperation; team work; imagination and creativity, and all this while doing exercise outdoors and in a natural environment.
All equipment and clothing used is carefully washed (mask, protective vests, gloves, camouflage coveralls, caps and neck protectors). Do not forget that Paintball Estepona has the capacity to hold up to 120 people simultaneously, since we have 5 different scenarios and 27,000 square meters of facilities. Therefore, we have a lot of material and we ensure that the equipment we deliver to our customers is always in the best conditions. This fact facilitates the continuous renewal of material. Good customer service and high quality standards have been our banner since our creation in 2005.
We make a daily maintenance of our markers so that they are always ready for use, and we use high quality balls (Washable and organic) that make it easy to wash. We have different markers for adults and children. Children’s are smaller and lighter, and have smaller balls, which make the impact less agressive
In Paintball Estepona we have vending machines for refreshments and snacks . Upon reservation you can buy individual pizzas, and barbecues are made to order. (See prices and offers in the RATES section).
We have WC with running water and showers for customers. Being a very dynamic sport, it can be very relaxing to take a shower once the activity ends in our facilities. Therefore, if you consider it necessary when you come to our facilities you can bring a change of clothes and toiletries.
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Paintball is a team sport and is the ideal excuse to have a good time with our lifelong friends, at the same time enjoy a different day outdoors. It is suitable for people of any gender,  if the safety rules are respected.


In paintball Estepona we have great facilities that make possible the celebration of birthdays in a dynamic and active way. Forget the normal parties, it’s time to try something new.
We have sheltered picnic areas, in the shade during the summer, and sunny for winter time. We have a fridge that allows you to deposit your birthday cake. You can also bring your own drinks and snacks to our facilities without any problem. If you prefer you can also buy them in the vending machines.


Paintball is already a classic at single parties, it is a good time to remind  friends/the couple what you are!. We have different special suits for the couple.


Celebrate a business lunch with us and have a good day with your workmates. Paintball improves cooperation and relationship among people of the same team, which will undoubtedly improve the environment in your workplace. It could be a good time to bomb the «boss» with a good excuse.


Come with your family to spend a day at our facilities. In paintball the age differences are reduced significantly, you all have the same markers and age does not matter. Paintball for kids is possible from 8 years old


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With more than 11 years of experience in the sector, our field has optimal facilities: 27,000 square meters of land that are distributed as follows:
5 different game scenarios
  • The theme of our play fields changes  from time to time (to surprise our most frequent visitors) but currently we have:
  • Fast field with inflatable obstacles for the more professional players;
  • Urban 4×4, with cars and obstacles a typical  street scene;
  • Egypt, with pyramids of straw, trenches and other obstacles,
  • Field with geometric blue drums simulating speedball;
  • Practice shooting place, the best police style.
  • Chill-out area. Sheltered pic nic zone, ideal for all sorts of celebrations (birthday, stag parties and other events). It can hold up to 120 people (seated) overlooking the playing fields.
  • Rest area with roofed picnic areas, both in the shade and in the sun. For its breadth, ideal for all types of celebrations (birthdays, bachelor parties and other events). It has the capacity to accommodate more than 180 people sitting 
  • BBQ area
  • Microclimate area (water vapor system) to cool during the summer
  • WC with dressing room and shower for those customers who wish to change or shower after playing a few games
  • Specialized store of paintball products
  • Large parking area
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RATES (Prices are per person or player)

Basic rate

19,95€Material + INSURANCE + 100 balls
  • Extra reload, 5€ - 100 balls


29,95€Material + INSURANCE + 400 balls
  • Extra reload, 5€ - 100 balls


14,95€Material + INSURANCE + 100 balls
  • Extra reload, 5€ - 100 balls


29,95€Material + insurance + 200 bolas + individual pizza, drinks y snacks
  • Extra reload, 5€ - 100 balls

BBC Paintball Estepona

10€Different kind of meat: beef, chicken , pork, bread and drinks
  • Costs per person
The cost per person includes all the necessary clothing to play (camouflage overall, protective vest, gloves, mask and marker); and game insurance. People only have to bring sport or comfortable shoes, as they can get dirty (although the paint is biodegradable and washed away with water).
Clients over 14 years old must bring their ID or passport to paintball in our facilities. Children under 18 must bring an authorization from their parents.
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1. How long is a paintball session?
It is not easy to estimate the duration of a paintball session. It will depend on several factors but fundamentally: number of balls with which one plays; and at the speed at which it shoots. In this way, we could say that the average duration is about 2 hours. If you play paintball in «Terminator» mode, the 100 balls that you carry in the marker may not last long, but if you do it in «sniper» mode you can play for hours.
2. What clothes should I bring?
Comfortable clothes, if possible sports. And most importantly, shoes that allows you to run and move easily. Remember that on your clothes you wear a jumpsuit that protects the clothes you bring from home. So it does not get stained, although if it did, do not worry because it’s washable paint and it’s not toxic. It is made from food dyes.
3. Can children play paintball?
Yes. Children can play paintball from the age of 8. They carry special protections and markers of smaller caliber and smaller than those used by adults. It is a very safe sport, and as long as you follow the rules, it does  not entail danger. There is always a qualified instructor that accompanies the children when they are in our facilities. People under 18 years old must bring a parental authorization for take part in the activity.
Children must come to Paintball Estepona accompanied by an adult,  even if they are not involved in the game, adults must be present in our facilities.
Paintball is ideal to celebrate birthday parties for both children and adults, in Paintball Estepona, we are ready to make your party an unforgettable experience. 
4. Do the impacts of the balls hurt?
If safety standards are respected, they are not painful and don´t leave marks. The minimum distance to shoot is 10 meters. Protections are carried for the most sensitive places.
5. What protections are used?
Face mask, gloves, chest and back protector, overall, and neck protector.
6. What is the minimum number of players to organize a game at Estepona Paintball?
The ideal number  at least 4-5 people per team. But even 2 people can come to play and also have fun.
7. How long in advance should I make the reservation?
Paintball Estepona opens from Wednesday to Sunday continuosly from 9.00 to 19.00, so you can come without problems when you want, but if you make your reservation in advance you will ensure 100% that you can play. Our facilities can accommodate up to 120 people playing simultaneously in its 27,000 square meters that are divided into 6 different game scenarios. So it is difficult that even if you do not make your reservation we run out of space.
8. Can I pay with a credit / debit card?
Yes. There are no problems
9. Will we play with unknown people?
No. Normally you play with the people in your group. But if you are few and there are other groups you can always arrange to play together.
10. What happens if it rains?
Except for very heavy rains, you can play without problems. The adventure become awesome. But the decision to play or not will always be yours.
11. Can I bring my own food?
Yes. Although in Paintball Estepona (Malaga), we have the service of pizzas, barbecue and vending machines for drinks and snacks, you are free to bring your food and drink from your home. You can make use of the 200 square meters of roofed areas with benches and tables. You can also use our barbecue and spend a wonderful day at the same time you play paintball.
12. Can I decorate the picnic areas for a birthday party?
Yes. Celebrating a birthday playing paintball is something very special. You can come before the time of your reservation and decorate freely.
13. Can people come to join us even if they do not play?
Yes. No problem, you can observe quietly taking a drink at the facilities of Paintball Estepona.
14. What happens if I get eliminated in the first few minutes?
Nothing happens. The games are usually short, so in the next one you will enter again. In a day of paintball they usually play an average of 7-8 games.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. +34 616080221


The facilities of Paintball Estepona are fully equipped for the celebration of children’s birthdays, bachelor parties, holy, parties and all kinds of events. Paintball Estepona is located less than an hour away from any point of the province of Malaga.
We have two roofed areas of 150 square meters each, equipped with long tables and benches with capacity for 120 people seated. Ideal for holding all kinds of events. In addition to the outdoor areas that have 1500 square meters. (Other services and facilities information).
In birthday celebrations for children, mothers and fathers, they can quietly wait for their children in our facilities. They even have the possibility to have a coffee, refreshment and eat some snacks, since we have vending machines.
To celebrate  children’s birthdays or any event in Paintball Estepona (Málaga), you have several different options according to your needs:
  • Hire with us the food service (birthday paintball or barbecue services). The barbecue includes a variety of chicken, pork and beef, drink and bread, and the cost per person is 10 euros. In total there are around 500 grams of meat per person.
  • Mothers and fathers or any other person accompanying paintball players can also make use of this service.
  • Bring your own food / drink: If you wish, regardless of whether food is offered in our facilities, you can bring your food from home without any problems.
  • You also have the possibility to use one of our barbecues for free and make your barbecue yourself. Then it only necessary to bring food and coal.
The estimated maximum duration of its celebration, including games and meals, is 3 hours. On our behalf there are no problems for you to come before the time of your reservation to decorate an area of our facilities.
When it comes to paintball for children, a qualified instructor will always be with the children inside the facilities, ensuring at all times their safety.